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Whether you're from Europe, Asia, Australia, or any corner of the globe, the iconic status of Times Square is universally acknowledged. An appearance here isn't just an advertisement; it's a declaration of your brand's ambition and standing. It's a symbol of success and innovation that enhances your brand's value in any market, making Times Square not just a location, but a global badge of honor for your brand.


Embrace the opportunity to join the elite circle of brands that have graced Times Square. With Quantum PR, your brand's journey to global recognition starts with just $5,000. No matter where you're based, the status of being featured in the world's most iconic advertising space is a game-changer, elevating your brand's prestige and story on an international scale.

Elevating Your Brand.
Our Exclusive Suite of Services.


Tailored PR Strategy.
We craft the ultimate PR plan to ensure your brand conducts the most effective campaign possible. Our team dives deep into your brand’s ethos, target audience, and goals to develop a strategy that resonates and engages.


Times Square Billboard Placement.
Imagine your brand illuminating the vibrant landscape of Times Square. We make this dream a reality by securing a prime spot for your advertisement on one of the most coveted billboards in the world, offering unparalleled visibility and impact.


Feature in Leading Magazines.
One of the most sought-after services, valued for its priceless impact. Having your brand showcased in top magazines enhances your reputation and offers unparalleled bragging rights. Highlight your brand’s prestige on your website and social media by being featured in the most influential publications.


Online News Platform Presence.
We position your brand on the most popular online news services, complete with articles that showcase and elevate your brand’s message. This strategic placement ensures your brand captures attention and gains authority in your industry.

Benefits of Partnering with Quantum

Strategic Brand Placement

Make a statement with prime advertising spots in iconic locations like Times Square and premier publications, boosting your brand's visibility and allure.

Customized PR Strategies

Each campaign is a masterpiece crafted to resonate with your brand's unique story and objectives, ensuring meaningful connections with your target audience.

Credibility Enhancement

Elevate your brand's status by appearing in esteemed media outlets, reinforcing your market authority and building consumer trust.

Engagement & Reach

Engage deeply with your audience through compelling narratives and extend your reach across diverse platforms, from digital to print.

Content Creation

Benefit from professional, high-quality visual content captured during your campaigns, perfect for enhancing your digital presence and marketing efforts.

Expert Guidance

With Quantum, you're not just hiring a service; you're gaining a partner. Our team of seasoned experts is committed to navigating you towards success, providing personalized support every step of the way.

Our Partner Brands.

Elevate Your Brand to Legendary Status. Imagine your brand basking in the glow of Times Square’s luminous billboards, surrounded by the world’s most iconic names. At Quantum, we make that vision a reality. Joining the illustrious circle of brands featured on Times Square isn’t just about visibility—it’s about claiming your place in history.


Our Step-by-Step
Approach to Success

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to transparency and collaboration. We’ve streamlined our process into three distinct steps, designed to bring your brand into the spotlight with precision and creativity.


Consultation & Strategy Development

We believe that every successful campaign begins with a deep understanding of your brand’s unique story and objectives. That’s why our Consultation & Strategy Development phase is more than just a preliminary step; it’s the foundation upon which we build your pathway to success.


Selecting Prime Advertising Locations

With a strategy in place, we shift our focus to the selection of prime advertising locations. Leveraging our extensive network and insider knowledge of Times Square’s dynamic landscape, we identify spots that offer the highest visibility and engagement potential. Our goal is to position your brand not just anywhere, but where it will make the most significant impact.


Campaign Preparation & Scheduling

The final step is where everything comes together – the preparation and scheduling of your campaign. Our team of creative professionals and planners will work meticulously to materialize your vision, ensuring every detail is polished to perfection. From crafting compelling creative content to pinpointing the optimal times for maximum exposure, we handle it all. You can sit back and watch as your brand takes center stage, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

From the desk of the owner of Quantum, BLAZEJ CHYLA

Rooted in decades of expertise, we stand as seasoned specialists in the realm of brand elevation. Our journey, driven by a commitment to transform the connections between brands and their audiences, has transcended boundaries, establishing us as a global beacon in the marketing landscape.

This year marks a pivotal chapter in our legacy with a mission that sets us apart: the elevation of 100 brands to unparalleled heights of recognition and success. This isn’t just a goal; it’s a testament to our ambition, a challenge we’ve set to redefine the benchmarks of brand visibility and influence.

At our core is the unwavering belief that every brand harbors a story that merits the grandest of stages. Whether it’s the luminous allure of Times Square or the prestigious pages of elite publications, our mastery lies in crafting narratives that not only resonate but also leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.

Our global footprint extends across key cultural and commercial hubs, with offices in London, Warsaw, Bangkok, and New York. In each of these vibrant cities, we work closely with our partners to sculpt their vision into reality, ensuring their brand narratives echo across the globe.

As pioneers in the ever-evolving marketing domain, our extensive experience and innovative strategies are geared towards ensuring that your brand doesn’t just make an appearance—it makes history. With operations spanning multiple countries, we bring a global perspective enriched with local insights, empowering your brand to strike a chord across diverse cultural landscapes.

This year’s mission to elevate 100 brands is more than a milestone; it’s a unique endeavor that underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation. Only the best is good enough.

From Vision to Reality:
Client Successes


Yes, we work with businesses of all sizes, from startups to established brands. Our tailored approach allows us to create campaigns that fit your specific needs and budget, ensuring that businesses at every stage can benefit from our services.
Our process begins with a tailored consultation to understand your brand’s unique story and goals. From there, we design a bespoke campaign that includes strategic placement on Times Square’s dynamic displays, ensuring maximum visibility and impact among the diverse audience.
We have established partnerships with major publications and online platforms, including Business Insider and other high-traffic sites. While we strive for your preferred placements, availability can vary, and we always work to secure the best possible exposure for your brand.
While specific ROI can vary based on numerous factors, our strategic placements are designed to significantly boost your brand’s visibility, recognition, and credibility, often leading to increased traffic, engagement, and sales.
The professional video footage and photographs captured of your Times Square advertisement can be used in various ways, including social media content, digital marketing campaigns, and as compelling evidence of your brand’s prominence for future marketing efforts.
Due to high demand, we recommend booking your Times Square placement as early as possible. Ideally, planning several months in advance will provide the best chance to secure your preferred dates and maximize campaign effectiveness.
Absolutely. Your brand’s message is paramount, and we work closely with you to ensure the advertisement content reflects your brand’s values, story, and objectives, adhering to any specific guidelines or visions you have.
Traditional PR methods, like features in newspapers and prominent billboards, offer tangibility and a sense of permanence that digital content often lacks. They also reach audiences in different contexts, which can complement digital strategies and help create a more comprehensive marketing mix. The credibility and authority associated with traditional PR can amplify your brand’s message and contribute to a stronger, more diverse marketing strategy.

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